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Why India Is a Highly Recommendable Country to Visit

The importance of travel and tourism is very significant. Tourism and travel will open up your mind, you will have a chance to taste and eat new foods, you will come across new people, you will learn new dialects and improve your resume. India is one of the best countries you should visit not less than make your resume once in your lifetime. In South Asia, there is India and other countries. India is the second populous city after China. The major India neighbors are China, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The slogan of the people of India is Truth Alone Triumphs. This website has more about this populous country. You should plan a visit to India because of the following reasons.

You need to visit India to see the magnificent beaches found in this populous country. The coastline of India covers many kilometers. The number of beaches in India is high. Once you visit India, you will see beaches such as Gorkana, Puri and Nicobar. At the beaches, you will find restaurants offer expensive services such as butlers and small hotels which provide pocket-friendly services. See website to learn more about India.

History also makes India a right tourist attraction country. In India, you will have a chance to see and learn about forts, mosques, palaces, temples, and monuments. You will learn a great history once you visit various places in India. India is one of the countries which have many UNESCO listed sites. This site has more on the history of India.

You need to visit India to see the Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the World. Once you visit Taj Mahal, you will learn more about Emperor Jahan who built this large mausoleum. This site has more info about Taj Mahal.

The other reason you should visit India is affordability. India is among places you can visit without spending a lot. You can visit different places in India using trains, the accommodations services are cheaper, and you will spend little on food. What you will learn after visiting India can’t be compared to what you will pay.

The famous Himalayas are found in India. Mountain Everest can also be seen from India. The Himalayas also possess more than fifty tall mountains. You can also go for hiking in these high mountains.

The festivals in India also make this country a tourist attraction site. Almost every day in India has a festival. Unmarried women, kites, Diwali and camels are the greatest festivals in this famous country. If you visit India during Diwali festival, you will see a lit up sky.

To see the amazing shopping places in India, you need to visit this country. There are many and beautiful markets, bazaars and shopping malls among other shopping places.